L o z z a | Lozza love


he Lozza Love concept was born out of it’s namesake’s love of simply too many things and an overwhelming desire to build a community which champions community. 

What started as mere passion and lockdown-distraction projects – ignited by those rubber glove-wearing, antibacterial wipe-holding, grocery-disinfecting moments of inspiration, are now bursting out into the world and onto the pages you find in front of you.

Here at Lozza Love, our grip on life remains steadfast in the face of adversity.  We acknowledge it’s unpredictability, but remain routed in gratitude, and in emitting and inviting that good, good energy.  With a strong focus on fostering positivity and creativity within a generous skill-sharing environment, the Lozza Love Family opens it arms to those like-minded individuals seeking to love life, to keep it fun and to help others.