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Hopeville CIC

Hopeville CIC is an organisation that works to reduce potential homelessness, by offering early intervention programmes and practical help for those already impacted by the effects of homelessness.

Their vision is to help those in need, at their point of need – to bridge the gap and destroy stereotypes of homelessness and marginalised people locally, by means of including youth and community groups in the delivery of their service.

“Who are we as Human Beings, if we ignore the suffering of others?”

What Hopeville CIC Wants You To Know

  • Hopeville aims to provide nutritious food and essential services to the homeless and most vulnerable on the streets of their own community and surrounding areas.​
  • Hopeville aims to provide information, support and practical help, where necessary, which in turn will empower people to make and act on informed choices, in order to progress from a negative situation, arm them with HOPE and develop into a more positive way of living.
  • Hopeville also works with young people under the umbrella of ‘Hopeville Youth’ in order to provide early intervention in preventing homelessness – mainly working with young people leaving care and young people deemed at risk.

Songbird Sessions

Songbird Sessions is an acoustic entertainment company, specialising in live acoustic music for weddings and events.  Founded by the wonderfully talented vocal coaches and performers, Gemma Knight Jones and Kelly Fraser, Songbird Sessions are experts at enhancing the desired mood for your event, whether it be providing a tailor-made selection of soulful female voices for your wedding, or leading you and your work team into wellness, with their Singphony Corporate Wellbeing Choir service.

“It goes without saying, that when you choose Songbird Sessions for your music entertainment, you are in the safest of musical hands.”

What Songbird Sessions Want You To Know

  • Songbird Sessions offer 3 vocal services – Acoustic Music Entertainment for Weddings and Events | Corporate Wellbeing Choirs for London Businesses | Vocal Coaching 
  • Songbird Sessions love to champion and empower women, and work with an all-female collective of vocalists.
  • Gemma is an actress working in London’s West End and Kelly is principal lecturer at Bimm London.